We believe that good design is powerful, hard work is essential, and exploring the unknown is important.

We are Crazy About Work

We believe in passionate people,No matter their background



We Listen

We Think

With the aim to build long term relationships, we start all our projects with a conversation. Understanding your brand and requirements in a digital environment is key to us moving forward together. We help you embrace this ever changing digital landscape and make the process of creation fun and rewarding. All this to the taste of great coffee.

No big decisions should be made straight away and fully analysing your requirements and constructing a solid plan of moving forward is our first step. Our expertise in usability and user interaction come into play in creating solutions that target your market and create emotional responses from your audiences.



We Create

We Share

We assemble our teams on a project by project basis, making sure you receive a tailored service for your job. Using a structured process we create time frames of design, development, testing and completion that are open and transparent allowing you to be confident in the process and that we meet your deadlines.

We share our ideas and thoughts with you to make sure you are an integral part of this loop. This discussion is open and honest; expect to be challenged and pushed as we create solutions that are dynamic and bespoke to your needs.


We have it all, and a bit more for luck

Web, Mobile Web and Apps



SDK and APIs

We will always develop and design based on the most prevalent device the information will be viewed on. We do not see different devices as a complication but as an opportunity to explore and push our skillsets in environments of increased restrictions.

We strive for simplicity and immersion in every project we approach. Engaging users with digital experiences where attention spans are short requires an emotional connection and intuition between the user and the interface.

We strongly believe that for a brand to succeed, especially in today's competitive environment it needs an efficient dialog with its consumers. We work hard to strengthen brand's social presence and to optimize their conversations.

By using the knowledge, experience and tools already created by the net-community, we are able to create greater projects and progress in our digital world. In turn we also exchange and contribute what we learn along the way

Interactive Installations



Brand Identity

We love to experiment in merging the connection between man and machine. Exploring new connections between the physical and digital world and the possibilities of human interaction is a passion of ours.

We explore the limits and opportunities of the technologies that we use. HTML5 allows us to develop sites that function well across all devices. We are constantly pushing the language's limitations as to what can be achieved.

We offer presentation support and graphical services for large and small events. Merging our digital and hardware knowledge with onsite services allows us to enhance any event communication.

We love branding. Recognition, consistency and differentiation are our goals for a good brand identity. We work with you to find out your values and help steer you towards a mark that will help you move onwards and upwards.


Dreamers, developers, designers: we’re a talented bunch.

we shape our team and process around each client. Each assignment is unique, and should be measured against an individual set of objectives.




  • Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.
  • Each project our client is an individual approach to the topic, the search for interesting and creative solutions based on the experience gained together.
  • We do not like mediocrity and boredom which motivates us continuous development. We love minimalism.
  • We approach each client individually and take only off and on the challenges that we are able to meet at a high level.
  • Timeliness and quality is our priority.
  • Good design is a innovative
  • Honesty and integrity are absolutely essentiall for success in life.
  • We know that communication during the project is a very important thing.
  • We are always in constant contact with our customers and team members that may need to consult and check the proposed solution and ideology.
  • You can count on us even after the completion of the project.

Team Work


  • Small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.
  • For many years, together with members of Prime Union we carved out a common design methodology.
  • We know best and we know what we can afford. Not as individuals but as a team we know we can do a lot in the group group of power!


  • We love what we do!We come with great passion for our projects and customers, and by the way we are trying to earn money for our dreams and jointly implement them.
  • Even if it does not work you still think of innovative solutions, Ideas and save them in the favorites.

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